My Dream {2016 Wardrobe}

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

As anyone who's read my blog for a while now knows, I am obsessed with the Cheltenham-based ethical clothing company Olive. I adore both their gorgeously unique clothing and their slow and steady attitude towards the whole shopping experience- this is no ASOS, items frequently sell out the evening they are put up for sale and often don't come back into stock for a good while. However, even though I'm unable to snap every single item on my wishlist, I find what Olive terms their 'creed of slowness' to be quite refreshing in the modern (and quite often bloodthirsty) world of online-shopping. 

Anyway anyway anyway, I'm in real need of a wardrobe refresh so I've been trawling Olive's website for inspiration for a while now and picking out some pieces for the new year. I love the way they put these little outfits together so I've chosen eight of my fave combinations to share with you, as well as the eight key styles I'll be looking out for throughout the seasons in 2016. 

Whether or not I'll be lucky enough to get my hands on an outfit or two is another matter- (although I might be planning a trip to Cheltenham soon just to go to their flagship store...) but I will certainly be basing my new wardrobe on the styles above- I love them so much!     

Are you a fan of Olive or any other ethical clothing companies? Have you got any plans to rehaul your wardrobe in 2016? Let me know if you do :) we can help eachother out!

In the meantime,
All the love,

Sian x


  1. Love the style! The outfits are very cute, especially the candy pink one. :)
    Isabella xx

    1. Aren't they lovely? :) that dusty candy pink is a personal fave of mine too! Thanks for reading Isabella :D xxx


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