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Sunday, 17 January 2016

One of the tasks that was tip top of my list of stuff to do when I moved back home was buying a brand new desk. My room down here in Cornwall is quite tiddly and, before I got here, it had only ever functioned as a guest room for visiting friends and family- meaning no one had ever had a reason to put a desk in.

However, when I returned and started making the room my own, I realised that I was in desperate need of somewhere to sit and write that didn't involve me sprawling about in my PJs all day (i.e. my bed).  

So, after a few months of saving, I trawled the internet for a desk that was small enough to fit in my weeny room and came across this excellent pull-out desk from John Lewis. It's very practical for me because it means that I can extend the desk top when I need space to write and then roll it under again when I'm all done for the day. I was really lucky to snap this grey version of the desk up on a New Years sales offer, but I must admit I was a little uncertain about the colour when I saw it on the website. However, I still decided to take the plunge because it was such a good price... and I'm so glad I did because now I love its muted, light grey tone!

It also has all these little cubby holes for sticking all your stationery bits and bobs in, which is essential for me because I seem to fall in love with every desk accessory I come across!

Case in point- these sweet little jars of copper pins and clips are from Paperchase (I think they're so new that they're not even on the website yet but here are some similar ones!) and I had to get them because they go so perfectly with my shiny copper desk tidy and pen pot (also from Paperchase).

I also bought this handy little wire basket so that I could store all my techie stuff in a safe place whilst I'm busy at my desk writing a blogpost or editing some photos. I always find that I misplace the wires or SD cards I need just before I'm going to use them, so hopefully this little basket will help me to keep all those important items together in one place!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I was lucky enough to receive this personalised Chroma notebook from my good friend Shanalie for Christmas. I'm quite literally obsessed with it and can't help getting it out every now and again just to stare at the printed version of my blog logo! It's so surreal! :)

Another good purchase was this Eliot Desk Lamp- a sort of fake Anglepoise without the Anglepoise price tag! It's really great for focusing light on an area because it can be moved around and adjusted so easily- which is perfect for taking pictures when the daylight goes :)

So this is my current position! Sitting at my brand new desk with my little mug pug (a lovely gift from another lovely friend of mine, Chloe) and tapping away at another blogpost :) I feel so much more focused now that I have a designated spot for writing!

Where do you prefer to write- all tucked up in the comfort of your own bed or sitting all studious at a desk? I'd love to know!

In the meantime,
All the love,

Sian x


  1. This is my dream desk! The colour works really well I think. :) This would actually make me want to sit at the desk and do some work. I'm constantly sitting on my bed with the laptop (ie. right now) and have a really bad tendancy of falling asleep :| xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aw thank you! My whole idea was to create a desk that I'd actually want to sit at...I'm so lazy there has to be a decent incentive to get out of bed haha! xxx

  2. I love using my desk but Siân your desk is literally like goals!! 😘😘 xxx

    1. Thanks Shanie :) hopefully it will make me less of a procrastinator xD the desk life is the way forward I think! xxxx

  3. Your desk looks so beautiful, I love it!

    1. Thank you! Your blog is just as beautiful! Thanks for reading :) x


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