Three 'Gatherings' to Try in 2017

Monday, 9 January 2017

I'm going through a bit of a sporadic party-planning phase at the moment, I think it must be the after-effect of Christmas and all the opportunities for lovely, cosy gatherings that seem to pop up at this time of year! 

What's more, lately I've been daydreaming about hosting a few impromptu-style parties with themes built around all the bits and bobs already at my disposal- nothing fancy, nothing too high maintenance. I don't know about you, but all the best times I've had with friends and family have always been pretty slapdash and cobbled-together in nature... so this is the attitude I've tried to stick with for the three following party themes. 

Bonus- I've designed a printable invitation for each, so if you really want to give them a go, all you have left to do is think about who to ask along! I hope I can inspire you to host one of these at some point this year... may 2017 be the year of happy little gatherings!

1. Coffee + Croissants Catch-up

I can just picture this little catch-up between a small group of friends on a pretty patio somewhere! Think freshly-baked pastries, oodles of steaming hot coffee and a clutter of mix-and-match porcelain.

+ if your friends are more of the tea-drinking variety, you could totally recreate this with some Earl Grey and a Victoria sponge...but then we're getting into tea party territory, a very dangerous game!    

The Essentials:  Some higgledy-piggledy crockery (easy to pick up from charity shops but if you're feeling flush, these are gorgeous), a batch of fresh croissants, the best coffee you've got + a handful of fresh flowers from the garden.  

Optional Activities:  Ask everyone to bring a book to swap, try your hand at some latte art, read out eachother's totally-accurate-trashy-magazine-horoscopes.

+ The invites:

*If you'd like to download and use this invite, you can grab it here

2. Sleepy + Sloppy Gathering

Oh how the idea of this lazy gathering appeals to me! If you can't be bothered with preparing anything fancy but you still want to have a good old knees up with your nearest and dearest, this grown-up (but not quite so grown-up) pyjama party will be totally up your street!

Simply build yourself a semi-structurally-sound blanket fort, order a couple of takeaway pizzas and stick your fave records on. This one is 100% geared towards those friends that treat your home like their own, so zero dressing up is required here... just pull on your comfiest hoodie, plonk yourself down and settle in for a night of heavenly slovenliness.

The Essentials:  Instax camera (or one of these cheap disposable ones) for taking silly pictures, super soft blankets, a great record to bop around to, pizza (if you're an unfortunate soul like myself and can't get delivery, these woodfire pizzas from Waitrose are amazing) + a few milkshake jars big enough to load to the max.

Optional Activities (only if you can be bothered): Netflix marathon, scrapbooking, pizza decorating, who-can-build-the-tallest-freakshake competition.

+ The invites:

*If you'd like to download and use this invite, you can grab it here.

3. Laidback + Salty Lips Picnic

Finally, if you're looking to host a get-together in Spring/Summer that won't be totally reliant on blaring sunshine, this one will bridge that awkward gap between seasons that always seems to occur here in England! You know the one I mean- it's not quite double jumper weather but it's also not exactly flip-flops and t-shirt weather either!      

This picnic is absolutely not about putting together the most perfect hamper of healthy goodies and sauntering down to the beach in your bikini ... so you can leave your quinoa salad at the door! Instead, Google your best local chippie, grab a hoodie for when it gets cold (because it will) and head off to your nearest beach to enjoy a casual little picnic with your mates.

The Essentials:  Some sweet seaside-themed mugs, a pair of authentic yellow wellies, a couple of old rugs, knowledge of the best fish and chips around + a good bottle of wine.

Optional Activities: Beach-combing, crabbing, skimming rocks, kite-flying... basically, just general Famous Five stuff (!).

+ The invites: 

*If you'd like to download and use this invite for yourself, you can grab it here.

You can, of course, find all three of these themes (plus additional inspo for each) over on my Pinterest. Follow me over there for lots of alternative party ideas! I've got ten party boards... and counting!

I hope I've inspired you to get cracking on organising a few gatherings for this upcoming year! Let me know if you do have a go, I'd love to hear all about it!

In the meantime,
All the love,

Sian x


  1. I love the whole idea and your designs for invitations look so pretty! I'm definitely going to have a coffee and croissants catch up, that's for sure :)

    Kayleigh |

    1. Yay! Thank you :) let me know how it goes when you do! x

  2. I absolutely love this! The suggestions for each are brilliant and I just adore your invites. Thank you for doing this - will def try out these gatherings to chase away post Christmas blues!

    Monica xx


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