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Friday, 20 January 2017

This year, I'm planning on starting a new series on The Freckled Fieldnotes where I document my travels around Cornwall! It's a bit of a personal challenge (slash resolution) for me, as it's going to take a fair chunk of confidence on my part to be able to do this by myself. BUT I'm feeling really up for a challenge at the moment, so hopefully this will be the start of something incredibly exciting that I can share with you all!  

I've made a list of all the places I'd like to visit (suggestions very welcome!) and so far, my plan is to create a kind of travel journal entry based on each of my solo outings. I'll not only be documenting my travels in my actual, physical journal- but I'll also be laying out my findings here, on this blog, to show you what I've discovered at each place.      

Anyway, in preparation for my upcoming adventures, I thought it might be fun to share my general 'fieldnotes kit' with you. This is certainly not a kit that I bring with me every time I take Penny out on a walk (!) but it is a collection of things that I like to have on me when we visit a new woodland area or National Trust property, for example.

I've numbered everything and given more details about each item down below, just in case you're curious about where everything's from! 

Without further ado, here's what to take:

1. A good quality thermos full of your favourite hot drink. I only say good quality because nobody wants boiling hot leakage in their bag!

2. Glasses. If you're a contact lens wearer like me, you'll understand the pure fear that comes with venturing out and forgetting your back-up glasses. I've had a lens dry up and pop out whilst on a walk before, meaning I had to spend the rest of the trip with one eye covered... not ideal when you're trying to take pics and do a little sketching!

3. Journal/s. I usually take one main journal for sketching/writing etc. and then a little one for taking random notes or holding scrap materials. This method is by no means necessary, I just like to have different spaces to record different things if I feel the urge. The leather journal pictured here was a rather lovely Christmas present from a friend + the little Field Notes Memo Book can be found here.

4. Pens. Does having very specific pen preferences make me odd? Probably! I always use black pens and currently, I'm favouring the Pilot V7 and the Pilot V5  

5. A crayon. In case you want to do a tree rubbing.

6. A mini Instax album. These are a godsend if you like to keep your Instax snaps safe before sticking them in your journal. This particular album was from Hema- unfortunately, it looks like they don't sell them anymore! However, I did find this one over at Urban Outfitters which seems equally as handy and light enough to carry around.      
7. Camera. For this flatlay I've shown my DSLR, which is the Nikon D3000. My current camera (which I used to take the pic!) is the Canon EOS M3 and I use either the original 15-45mm IS STEM lens or my 22mm pancake lens. I cannot praise the Canon enough for it's practicality and ease of use when it comes to taking both blog and travel pictures! 

8. Watercolour palette. I have this one from Winsor & Newton, which comes with a very handy travel paintbrush. I also attach a bull clip to the side so I can clip it onto my journal if I need to. If you'd like to learn more about my painting methods, check out this post.   

9. Lip balm. Oh my god, lip balm. I use this one and it's a saviour when you're out walking in all weathers! And when I say all weathers, I mean when you're out walking in Cornwall you will quite often experience all of the weather, all at once! So it's best to have some lip balm on you (and hand cream whilst you're at it) to ease that chapping!

10. A little jar of water. In case you want to do some painting. 

11. Hair tie + grips. If it all gets a little bit too windy, I find it's best to have something to get your hair out of your face! Bobble hats are great for this too!

12. A snack. Just in case you get peckish.

13. Masking tape. For sticking down any bits and bobs you can forage. 

14. Change. For parking. Don't get caught out thinking the forest/woodland/beach you're going to won't charge you for parking... or using the loo!  

+ a couple of extra things to take (that wouldn't fit in the flatlay!)...

Your phone, obviously! A ziplock bag for gathering rocks, leaves, flowers etc. Some tissues for the runny nose you will definitely get, even in Summer. Your actual Instax camera + last but by no means least, a spare pair of socks in case everything turns a bit soggy in the welly department. 

And that's everything, I think! Do you have any essentials that you have to take travelling with you? I'd love to hear some tips in the comments below!

I'm very much looking forward to starting this new series and I really hope you can follow me along on my journey! If you'd like to check out what I get up to in my day-to-day life in Cornwall, make sure you're following me over on Instagram. 

In the meantime,
All the love,

Sian x



  1. I love this idea, and what an original flatlay! Really looking forward to discovering more about your little wanderings around Cornwall! Alice xx

    1. Thank you Alice! I can't wait to get started :) xx


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