Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Saturday, 7 November 2015

My birthday (as you know, if you've read my seven facts about me!) is Christmas Eve and, at the moment, I'm trying to come up with a few ideas for how I want to celebrate it. Having a Winter birthday is both a blessing and a curse- it's great because everyone is always in such high spirits around the festive period :) ...but it also sucks because the weather at this time of year can be very unpredictable and, therefore, making solid plans is quite some task.

I usually have to organise something that can take place indoors... so here are three ideas for some weather-proof, indoor Winter birthday parties that aren't a complete washout or too similar in theme to, you know, Christmas.

1. Host an Indoor Winter Picnic.

Cosy and informal, this party idea favours close friends and cups of tea over sit-down meals and fine china. I love the thought of spreading a big picnic blanket out in the middle of the living room for you and your friends to sit on, surrounding yourselves with lots of yummy snacks and just chilling out together in front of a warm fire. The dress code should be big jumpers and thick socks and the menu should contain plenty of tasty treats from salty popcorn to roasted chestnuts... all washed down with lashings of your favourite hot chocolate (of course)!    

Bring out the board games and settle in for a snuggly evening with your bestest friends, lots of larks and, best of all, lots of laughter :)

2. Throw a glittering Sparkle and Shimmer Soiree.

If you're in more of a glitzy party girl mood, then this theme is bound to appeal to you. Embellish your walls with curtains of glitter-dipped feathers and drape fairy lights over every available surface to create the setting for this shimmering soiree...

...I love the thought of serving these sparkly glasses of pink Prosecco and those sweet little gold-flecked meringue kisses! A soiree is typically an evening party of the more formal variety, but you can make this one as fun and informal as you like- just take the opportunity to get dressed up to the nines with all your nearest and dearest!          

3. Put on a glamorous Dark and Decadent Dinner Party. 

If you love this season's warm yet moody colour palette, make your birthday a stylish affair by throwing a very-grown-up-feeling dinner party! I'm obsessed with this dark, rich plum colour as it feels very appropriate for this time of year (think winter berries, sugarplum fairies and figs...) but it doesn't immediately shout Christmas- it feels much more subtle and grown-up and therefore perfect for a glammed-up Winter birthday dinner!

Dress code should be red wine lips all round :) and the menu should definitely include a tipple made with the appropriately-coloured Chambord black raspberry liqueur!!

& There you go! Those are my three Winter Birthday Party Ideas! Of course, these themes aren't limited to birthdays alone...they'd be equally amazing as little Winter gatherings for friends and families or even for a quiet New Years in :)

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my ideas! I certainly have my favourite...which one would you choose?

In the meantime,
All the love,

Sian x



  1. I love these ideas, especially the first one! I find it so hard to plan parties too because my birthday is in November - three weeks to be exact :)

  2. Thanks Shannon! Oh gosh, you know exactly what I mean then :) I hope you have a lovely birthday when it comes around :D thank you for reading! xxx


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