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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Oh my goodness, it's been so chilly around here lately! The jumpers I had stocked away for Autumn have already been promoted to the front of the clothes rack and the woolly socks are officially OUT! This can only mean one thing... Summer is almost over. 

But I'm so excited! Don't you love the cosy, tomato soup, run-in-from-the-rain, squeaky wellies feel of Autumn? I know I can't be alone in thinking it's the most comfy season- not too hot and not too cold but chilly enough to feel all snug huddled up in a blanket (or two). 

So here are some of my favourite picks for those lovely, crisp Autumn days to come...

1. Zara Candle for those darker evenings.
2. Olive Dress Combo because this company's clothes are just divine (and layer up so well).
3. Mansfield Park for curling up on the sofa with.
4. Polkadot Notebook to scribble in.
5. Orelia Leather Bag for those autumnal walks.
6. Copper Mug because cocoa was made for mugs like this.

Here's to Autumn! What's on your wishlist?

Sian x

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