Sea Salt + Fudge Vanilla Ice Cream

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Is there anything better than ice cream on a sweltering hot summer's day? We've had a few of those recently down here in Cornwall and I've yet to find a better accompaniment to those sticky and humid days than a big bowl of ice cream!

Recently, I was incredibly lucky to receive a box filled with packets of crumbly fudge from the lovely Cornish confectioners, Copperpot Originals. As soon as this bumper box arrived, my Mum and I immediately tucked into a few squares of Copperpot's English Butter Fudge and I knew I had to whip up a recipe to make the most of what remained!

I chose a good old-fashioned, thick and buttery vanilla ice cream recipe to compliment the flavours in the fudge, and I think it did just the trick...        

So, to make this sweet and creamy concoction, you will need:

* a 397g tin of condensed milk
* 2 cups double cream
* 2 tsp. vanilla extract
* a pinch of salt
* some lovely, crumbly fudge!

1. Use a blender to whizz together all the ingredients (except the fudge) until it's as thick and frothy as a milkshake.
2. Pour the mixture into a loaf tin or a narrow dish and smooth out with a spatula. Dot and crumble some chunks of fudge over the top and then pop in the freezer for 6-7 hours until set.
3. Allow to melt just a tiny bit before scooping out and serving... with a few extra chunks of fudge for good measure!

When I say this is the scrummiest and naughtiest fudge you will ever eat, I am not kidding. I think I was lucky to make this ice cream and take photos of it when I did, as the remaining boxes we had didn't hang around for very long! It's absolutely melt-in-the-mouth type stuff, which makes it a perfect topping for some soft and buttery ice cream.

Here's to more sunshine-filled days!

Let me know if you decide to give this one a go one hot and squelchy day, I'd love to see your pictures on Twitter or Insta. I think next time we're going to try this with proper old-fashioned wafer cones, so I'll let you know how that goes- if the ice cream sticks around long enough to be scooped into cones that is!

In the meantime,
All my love,

Sian x


  1. I saw this over on your Insta stories and I just had to check out this recipe! Fudge ice cream always reminds me of the ice creams you can buy at the seaside! Lovely post :) x

    Kayleigh |

    1. Thanks Kayleigh! I totally agree- I'm always down for a proper seaside-style ice cream :) x

  2. This fudge almost looks like tablet consistency - incredible!! Alcie xxx

    1. It really is Alice! Just thinking back to when I scoffed a whole packet makes my mouth water! Thanks for reading xxx


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