Country-Themed Christmas Table Ideas

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

We're getting to that time of year again, aren't we? 

Real or fake? Turkey or beef? Elf or Home Alone? Mince pies or no mince pies? Aah- so many festive decisions to be made and so little time!

Hopefully, however, I can help you out with just one of those decisions, namely the dreaded- How To Dress The Christmas Table. I say dreaded, it's not really that big of a deal BUT every year I always feel like I should do something a little special and every year it ends up being a simple case of 'let's just get the nice plates out and light a couple of tealights'...
So, this year I decided to try and come up with a few, really simple and really quite frugal, Christmas table ideas that can be mixed and matched and added to whatever bits and bobs you've already got in the cupboard. I have, however, bought a couple of extra pieces to add to my collection this year, so I've included links to all the items used in case you did fancy getting one of two extras for your own table! 

Anyway, let's get to it!

I had a few ideas about what I wanted my place settings to look like, so I decided to put together a little moodboard in order to refine the overall look that I wanted to go for... and avoid the 'I Want Everything In Glitter' Christmas decor purchasing that I felt sure would follow the initial Pinterest-inspiration-fest.       

As you can see, I'm a big fan of keeping things pretty simple and organic-looking. I love love love anything rustic, earthy and warm in theme, so my Christmas table settings had to follow suit but with a couple of extra-special-festive twists here and there.

I decided to create three different looks: Robin, David + Eve. Each one has a slightly different style but you could easily mix + match all three to create a quirky overall tablescape. 


For this first table setting, I wanted to use an idea that I'd spotted on a recent shopping trip to John Lewis. Instead of laying the cutlery out beside all the plates on one of their display tables, they'd wrapped the knife and fork up in a little bag and tied it to the napkin with a pretty ribbon. I loved the little pinecone design and the country-feel of the tartan napkins... so I just had to get these for our Christmas table and we will definitely be using them come the Big Day. I think it's such a cute idea and you could re-use the little bags for favours or treat bags later on in the day! 

IKEA STROSA Mint Green plates, only available in beige now //  John Lewis Ruskin Tartan napkins // + Cutlery Bags // Wilko Basic White Candles

H&M Home Washed Linen Table Runner (really quite cheap, easy to match with everything and very on-trend)

If you want to get super crafty, you could even design your own little cutlery bags using these plain ones from Hobbycraft. If I'd have had more time, I would have loved to have sewn people's names or created my own little printed designs onto some personalised bags for everyone.


For this setting, I went for a more vintage-y look with a touch of copper and a classic red, white and green theme. The old-fashioned side plate adds a little pop of colour to match the tartan napkin and the copper pan brings a quirky edge to an otherwise quite simple look. I also dropped the cutlery bag in favour of adding a good old soup spoon!  

Vintage plate, you can find similar in most charity shops // John Lewis Copper Pot

I have to admit something about the place cards here, I tried so hard to make one of those pretty Mini Rosemary Wreaths that circulate on Pinterest at this time of year... but I totally failed. Like, almost crying with frustration, failed. SO instead, I made this little bunch of rosemary and popped the name card on top. If you're more inventive than me, you could punch some holes in the card and tie it through with some pretty string to keep everything together but, I'll confess, I was pretty done with the whole rosemary thing by this stage so I just left it as it is- no shame!  


For the final look, I wanted to go a little off-piste and utilise some mini bobble hats we've had hanging around the house for years. I think they came with little bottles of Innocent smoothies but I've always thought they would make great, winter-themed place settings!

H&M Home Linen napkin // innocent Little Bobble Hat (not sure if you can still buy these anywhere but you could try and knit a few yourself!) // Wilko Pinecone and Berry Pick

To make this little place setting, all I did was grab a twisty pinecone pick (you can buy these in almost any shop that has a DIY wreath or garland section), thread it through a little hole I'd punched in my name card and then twist it round the bobble of the hat. It was really as simple as that- and not a fiddly bit of herb in sight!

And that's your lot! Those are my three Country-Themed Christmas table ideas to help you jazz up this year's place settings without spending a month's pay on Salvaged-Wood Stag's Head Candle Holders and Personalised Parisian Glass Plates (yes, both do exist). I hope you feel a little more inspired to create something a bit special for your friends and family on Christmas Day- I'd love to see a festive Instagram or two if you do!

Also, what's your favourite bit of Christmas dinner? Pigs in blankets? Roast potatoes? ... Sprouts?! I'd love to know in the comments below!

In the meantime,
All the love,

Sian x 


  1. I love the copper pot of chestnuts. Looks so authentic. I have been trolling the internet for month now on how I am going to decorate my table and I still can't decide on how I am going to do it.

    1. Thank you :) I know- I always have thousands of ideas that don't really go together haha! Hope I've inspired you, even just a little bit! Thanks for reading xxx


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