My Little Box {March}

Friday, 11 March 2016

So, I have a confession to make.

This is my first ever subscription box!

Mad, right?!

I think the thing is, I'm not really much of a make-up/beauty devotee && a lot of subscription boxes aimed at women my age seem to be quite heavily beauty-based. Totally not an issue, don't get me wrong here... I think if you love beauty then those boxes are THE BOMB. However, I reckon what I was on the lookout for was something that could offer elements of my other interests too...other stuff I enjoy, like baking/photography/drawing etc. etc.

And then I stumbled across My Little Box.

And My Little Box is a bit different.

They offer subscribers a themed box every month, with contents ranging from framed prints to cushion covers to jewellery kits to balloons to tote bags...the list is endless! You always get a hand-picked selection of beauty goodies to go with the theme of every box but, on top of this selection, you also get some fun and practical bits and bobs to entertain you for the month! I adore the thought and creativity that (clearly) goes into making sure these boxes are unique every time you receive them. I doubt it's a subscription that I'll get bored of quickly... a key deciding factor that made me soooo keen to sign up through their website and just blooming well start receiving the lovely boxes already!!

With that in mind, you can guess how excited I was to get this one, the March edition, in the post yesterday! This month's theme is Bubbles- all things bright, fresh and fun...perfect for this time of year when we're all getting pumped for Spring and Summer!

Pop the lid off and everything comes wrapped up in ribbon...and, this month, with a little balloon to blow up! Such a nice touch... and I loooove the ombre dahlings!

(&& can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute that ribbon is?!)

When you undo the package- on top of all the other goodies in the box is the monthly My Little World magazine. This month it covered 'all things big, bubbly, and bright'... just what I needed delivered to my door on the slightly dreary, drizzly March morning it arrived!!

I had a flick through the mag with my cuppa later that evening and was really happy to find this little pamphlet contained everything from some seriously pop-y style inspo to a rundown of the art world's 'biggest, bubbliest masterpieces' !! It was like a little slice of Summer- just lovely :)

Under the mag was where all the products were hiding! 

I just love how everything was presented here... with separate layers for you to uncover once you opened the box. Anyone who knows me will know how much I appreciate the attention to detail with this kind of thing :) I'm a freak. I know. 

The first thing that caught my eye amongst all the goodies was this funky looking little box.

Inside was a rather dinky blending sponge! I've actually been after one of these for ages because they're supposed to be really good for dry skin. I get the occasional dry skin day (this freezy cold Winter we've had hasn't helped) and I've heard that the method of moistening the sponge first before applying your foundation is a good way of preventing the inevitable flaky/caked look that can come with having dry skin.

Top marks to the box so far && I can't wait to try the sponge out- I'll let you know how well it works!

Next, sitting beside the sponge, was this little drawstring bag of delights.

& the first thing that I pulled out was this Bewitching Beauty Facial Spray by Garancia. According to the handy little leaflet that came with these products- this is a French cult fave that smoothes, brightens and revives skin to create a glow that's 'downright otherworldly'. It's a facial peeling spray, which sounds kinda scary to me...but I can't wait to give it a go 'cos damn would I love some otherworldly skin!

Next treat out of the bag was this High Volume Mascara by Givenchy. Bold and very very black, this bad boy is probably best for a nighttime look as it does create a very loud amount of volume. I am veryyy lucky to have been born with long eyelashes- a blessing that I am forever grateful for, don't get me wrong, BUT sometimes mascaras like this one can make me look a bit like a (slightly creepy) wide-eyed doll. As it's quite va-va-voomy and really does give a lot of oomph, I think I'll be reserving it for special nighttime occassions to avoid the 'overdone' look.

But 10/10 to Givenchy for effort. I think this would work wonders for someone with naturally short or straight lashes in need of a bit of a boost.

The final treasure in the bag was this Pink Bubble Blush, made by MyLittleBox themselves. I'm a huge fan of multi-use beauty products as I'm generally quite lazy when it comes to applying make-up (I ain't got time for contouring in the morning- sorry make-up Gods!!) so this tint is super handy for me. You can simply whack it on your cheeks and smudge it on your lips, blend out a bit, and you're good!  

The only thing I would say, and this is as a proud member of the redhead camp, is that the tone is quite a pinky pink and not very flattering (when used amply) for someone as pale as myself. 

But I do know us gingers are in the minority, and I'm sure it's a gorgeous everyday shade for most people...I just felt a bit of pale person disappointment here, that's all :) 

And I must say, I really like that this box included this little pouch for all the beauty treats! Not only is the design super freakin' cute, but all the products fit in the bag quite comfortably... meaning you don't have to keep the box forever if you don't want to.

The final product was this Soft Cushion Paddle Brush, also made by MyLittleBox themselves. This is probably the only item I was disappointed with when I took it out of its packaging...only because it feels like one of those brushes you have when you're about seven and not really into styling your hair yet. I must admit, the size of it would make it handy for travelling or for popping into you handbag in case of wind-based emergencies but I can't help feeling a bit childish when I use it! If you have hair that's easy to manage, I'm certain this brush would do the job just fine but for really-bloody-difficult-to-manage thick hair it's a bit wimpy.

Soz brush. You tried to battle my locks, you tried.

Without wanting to end on a negative note, I will say that, overall, I was mightily impressed with my first My Little Box :) I'll definitely be keeping the subscription going because it was just so lovely to receive this little box of sunshiny treats in the post and to have that moment of excitement when delving through all the layers!

(Oh and there's that balloon all blown up! Love it.)

Whether it continues to be good value for money (at almost £15/month, incl. p&p, it's not the cheapest box out there) remains to be seen... but I am already super excited for what next month has to offer && I'll be sure to let you know all about it once it arrives :)

Do you have any recommendations for fun, not necessarily beauty-based subscription boxes? I'd love to know in the comments below!

In the meantime,
All the love,

Sian x


  1. Just came across your blog as I was looking for reviews on this month's MLB (which I loved btw!), and I'm happy I've found your blog as I am also a fellow Cornish girl (living outside of Cornwall now), and LOVE that you have a Cornwall section! Will be an avid reader :) x

    1. Yay! That's so exciting! Love to hear from fellow Cornish peeps!! The Cornwall section is a new addition && I'm hoping to write loads more Cornish posts soon :D Really happy you stumbled across me, thanks for reading! :)) xxx


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