Four Autumnal Pieces

Friday, 4 September 2015

Uh-oh, I've been shopping.

In my defence, lots of the AW15 collections I've seen so far seem to be offering plenty of what I look for in clothes! It's all about the comfy grey knitwear and the big ol' capes that give you an excuse to literally walk around in a blanket all day... plus they've even popped some art-studenty dungarees in there for good measure. It's wannabe hipster heaven!

For me, these picks are all about creating that relaxed, off-duty yet effortlessly stylish look. And I'm all about the effortless in life :))  

My Picks:

1. New Look Black dungarees & ASOS Marl roll-neck jumper
2. Primark Grey roll-neck dress
3. ASOS Grey drape blouse
4. Primark Blanket wrap (similar)

I have to admit, I deliberated over getting these dungarees for ages! They were kept in a tab on my browser for quite some time...until I took the plunge and just bloody well ordered them :) Now that I have them I love them but, at first, I was a bit worried that a) they would make me look like a crazy woman-child and b) the ripped-knee thing would look ridiculous. However, in reality they are insanely comfy to wear and I've received lots and lots of compliments on-what some people have called- this fun look! I like to pair them with the roll-neck on a chilly day but they look just as good with a little crop top when its a bit warmer :)

Again with the roll-necks I hear you cry! I know, I know...but this dress just looked so damn cute on the mannequin in the shop. The only thing is it is quite thin, so I would recommend wearing tights underneath (unless you're happy with people seeing your undies!) Here, I've paired it with my leather jacket from H&M for a slightly edgier look but it looks super cute worn underneath the blanket cape (below) too!

This shirt, for me, is a step into the adult just feels like something a grown-up lady would wear! But I was totally sold on the colour of it- it's sort of a soft grey/lilac in most lights and looks really nice tucked into a pair of light blue jeans. For a more evening-y look, you could pair it with some high-waisted black jeans and a leather jacket... what I really like is that it works both as a casual piece and a formal one :)    

The last thing I bought was this blanket cape- a bold move as it only comes it one size and I thought it might drown me! However, it's a ridiculously snuggly thing to have drowning you! Plus, it actually folds in to become quite figure-fitting so it works quite well over a dress or a top and jeans :) If you wanted to be snazzy, you could wrap a belt around the middle where it folds and cinch it in at the waist- but I personally prefer a more divatastic drape-y look...wearing this like a cape makes me feel like such a drama queen!

So there are my four outfit picks for those chillier days to come :) What are your staples for Autumn/Winter? I'd love to know!

In the meantime,
All the love,

Sian x



  1. Ah such gorgeous looks! I really, really need to invest in a nice turtle neck and dungarees, I think the look is so cute!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Thank you Becky :D I think so too! It's a cute look on everyone :)) & perfect for this time of year! Thanks for reading xxx

  2. the blanket wrap is so nice, i cannot believe its from primark!

    1. I know right?! As soon as I saw it on the rail I snapped it up :) thanks for reading! xxx


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